Thursday, April 6, 2017

Revisiting the Documentary film "the passion of Igor Savitsky".

Документальный фильм «Страсть Игоря Савицкого». Режиссер - Али Хамраев.

A documentary film "the passion of Igor Savitsky".Director - Ali Khamraev 1998, Ali Khamraev, Uzbekistan/Italy/France, 82 min. With Arielle Dombasle, Abdrashid Abdrakhmanov, Djavakhir Zakhirov

Igor Vitalievich Savitsky is a man of legend. As a young artist he left Moscow for the deserts of Central Asia. The film "The Passion of Igor Savitsky" was released on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great collector. Following the path of Igor Vitalievich, the film crew visited Moscow, Tashkent and Nukus, and to different regions of Karakalpakstan. Everywhere, local residents gladly shared their memories of this amazing man. They interviewed the son of the legendary artist Alexander Nikolaevich Volkov - Alexander Volkov, the President of the Pushkin Museum. А.С. A.S.. Pushkin - Irina Antonova, Savitsky successor - Marinika Babanazarova, Alvina Shpade - colleague and colleague of Igor Savitsky, the sculptor - Zholdasbek Kuttymuratov and many others share their memories and tell the story of the formation of Igor Savitsky as a collector and creator of a unique museum.. The film presents a list of artists works saved by Igor Vitalievich: Nikolai Karakhan, Mikhail Kurzin, Alexander Nikolaev (Usto Mumin), Tansykbaev Ural, Mazel Ruvim, Benkov Pavel, Ufimtsev Viktor, Borovaya Nadezhda and many others. Director Ali Khamraev  dedicated the film to Igor Savitsky  a collector of art and great supporter of preserving the culture of the peoples of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan. His fascination with the search for ancient treasures and love of the avant-garde resulted in the creation of one of the most unique art museums in the world, well worth visiting for anyone who are visiting  Uzbekistan.  Nukus is only  a few hours drive north of Urgench for those who are visiting Khiva the museum can easily be visited in a day trip. If you have more time there are a number of excellent hotels in Nukus allowing you to experience more of the culture and sights of Karakalpakstan.